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Social media is about more than posting on a channel and hoping that people will engage with it. Social requires strategy to be successful.

The audiences available via social media are global and if managed effectively, can be a powerful driver for customer engagement and loyalty. And thanks to sophisticated analytics tools, channels can report instantly on performance and provide tangible ways to inform how you learn and develop your content over time.

Knowing where to start or how to optimise what is already in place is often the hardest part for a brand on social – that’s why our team is trusted by brands across the UK with managing their platforms. From campaign management to scheduling and reporting, we take a holistic approach to social, and our social workshop aims to equip you with the knowledge you need to take your social strategy to the next level.


Workshop breakdown

1 day

Running Time:
9:30am – 5pm

3 members of the agency team and up to 3 members of the client team.

Client Takeaways: Our Social workshop covers all of the fundamentals when managing an effective social content strategy.

This includes how to implement and use content management systems, creating effective organic and paid content, and advice for successful community management.

The workshop will also help you to outline your social strategy and include a combination of group and individual exercises to get you thinking, e.g. roleplay of a community management situation and how to make the right decisions.

Following the workshop, our team will compile a full report containing a summary of how you can effectively implement your social strategy and how The Dairy could support you with making the most of the recommendations.


To find out more and to book one of our social media workshops for your brand, email [email protected].

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