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A marketing strategy is the starting point for any brand. Before it begins to think about the tactics, as we call them – for example social, PR, graphic design or web – a brand needs a marketing strategy in place from which it can hang its marketing clothes.

What is the brand’s purpose? Who is it targeting? How is it going to target them? What are its objectives? We’ve spent over 20 years helping brands with building their marketing strategies and we’re well versed in taking clients through the process of putting the vital building blocks in place from which they can market a brand they can be proud of.

Through our one day workshop, we will dig deep into your brand and provide you with the tools you need to build your own marketing strategy.


Workshop breakdown

1 day

Running Time:
9:30am – 5pm

3 members of the agency team and up to 3 members of the client team

Client Takeaways: Our Strategy workshop covers all of the marketing strategy and planning fundamentals to support you with building a successful brand.

The workshop covers brand messaging, marketing planning and strategy, while assessing the current position of your brand, where you want it to be and how it can achieve its aims. This one day workshop also includes a number of engaging group exercises to really immerse you in the strategic way of thinking about your brand.

By the end of the day, you will have all of the tools you need to build an effective marketing strategy.


To find out more and to book one of our marketing strategy workshops for your brand, email [email protected].

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