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Digital marketing is the fastest evolving part of the marketing mix and requires constant love and attention. With so many areas to work across – including social, web and AI – sometimes it’s a good idea to take a breath and go back to the very beginning in order to take stock and reaffirm that your brand’s digital strategy is really working for you.

This is where our digital discovery workshops come into play. Through this half day workshop, we will get you thinking by asking the right questions, in order to help you understand your audiences, pain points, goals and objectives. From this, you can better define your digital strategy based on cold, hard facts.


Workshop breakdown

0.5 days

Running Time:
10:00am – 1:30pm

2 members of the agency team and up to 3 members of the client team.

Client Takeaways: Our Digital Discovery workshop will address a range of important topics relating to your target audience(s).

This includes answering important questions such as; What are personas? What is our key customer segment? Who are our personas? What are the typical behaviours of those different segments? Which digital channels do they use?

Through a process called persona immersion, this workshop will allow you to outline your key customer segment and your core personas in order to truly understand how you can better target people through digital marketing.

Following the workshop, our team will compile a full report containing a summary of their key customer segment(s), their persona(s), key recommendations going forward and how The Dairy could support with implementing those recommendations in the future.


To find out more and to book one of our marketing strategy workshops for your brand, email [email protected].

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