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Content is king. Fact. Words hold a lot of power when brands need to communicate the right message at the right time, to the right people.

From blogs and website copy to social content and PR, we know what it takes to build a content marketing strategy and craft content that can persuade an audience to make a decision. Content also needs to be considered and sometimes, react to a situation that’s unfolding. That’s where our PR professionals come into their own, with expertise in telling an effective story while creating crisis management strategies that cover a worst case scenario for a brand.

Our content marketing workshop covers several key areas, allowing you to consider which parts of content marketing are the most important for your brand.


Workshop breakdown

1 day

Running Time:
9:30am – 5pm

Capacity: 3 members of the agency team and up to 3 members of the client team.

Client Takeaways: Our Content workshop explores the different types of content (online and offline), how best to use them, dos and don’ts for copywriters, and content best practice guidelines.

This includes how to create and manage an effective content calendar, making the most of blogs, how to create effective web and social content, understanding PR best practice, how to liaise with the media and journalists, and what constitutes effective crisis management.

The workshop will help you to outline your content strategy and include a combination of group and individual exercises for everyone to take part in – e.g. playing out a hypothetical crisis situation and understanding how to effectively manage it.

Following the workshop, our team will compile a full report containing a summary of how you can effectively manage your content and how The Dairy could support you with implementing those recommendations in the future.


To find out more and to book one of our content marketing workshops for your brand, email [email protected].

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