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Your brand is often how people first form an impression of your business. How your brand looks, tastes, smells and sounds makes a big impact on the decision-making process of existing and potential customers.

With over two decades of experience in branding and identity, we’ve worked across branding projects for businesses of different shapes and sizes, covering a wide range of industries.

Our one day brand planning workshop draws on our team’s collective expertise – taking you through a step-by-step process to assess how you can make sure you have an effective brand that customers respect and want to come back to time and time again.


Workshop breakdown

1 day

Running Time:
9:30am – 5pm

3 members of the agency team and up to 3 members of the client team

Client Takeaways: Our Brand Planning workshop covers all things brand identity and brand strategy.

This includes competitor analysis, brand look and feel, brand messaging, brand archetypes and target audiences.

The workshop will assess your current brand position, how you want the brand to be positioned in the future, your brand values and messaging, and your ideal customer segment. The workshop also includes a number of engaging group exercises – including examining brands you admire, and why.

Following the workshop, our team will compile a full report containing a summary of your brand, its strategy, messaging and how The Dairy could support you in the future with effectively telling your brand’s story.


To find out more and to book one of our branding workshops for your brand, email [email protected].

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