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We’ve Caught Up With Our Marketing Apprentice, Claudia Wright, For National Apprenticeship Week!

National Apprenticeship Week, from 5th – 9th March, is a government-led initiative celebrating the range of apprenticeships available across England.


In September 2017, we welcomed Account Junior Claudia Wright to The Dairy. Claudia is working with the company while she completes her apprenticeship in marketing through local provider SR Education. We chatted to Claudia to see how she’s finding her apprenticeship and why she chose to go down this route, as opposed to a degree.

What have you specialised in for your apprenticeship?

I am working towards a marketing apprenticeship – organised by local education provider SR Education. My apprenticeship covers areas such as digital marketing, coding, marketing planning and strategy, and implementing a variety of marketing tactics – so it covers a broad range of areas to give me a rounded view of marketing.

What made you decide to do an apprenticeship and specialise in marketing?

I chose an apprenticeship because university wasn’t for me. I didn’t enjoy exams or learning without being able to put my studies into practice in the real world.

I have always loved English as a subject, and I used to write a lot in my spare time. There was a time when all I wanted to do was study english at university – but that’s when I thought that going to university was the only option open to me.

When I first realised that through a marketing apprenticeship I could not just write for a living, but engage and communicate with people – it filled me with excitement. I’d never felt passionate about a career until then, and my love for the industry was multiplied when I had opportunities to intern at The Dairy.

An apprenticeship will provide me with the qualifications I need to pursue my career and allow me to build the required knowledge base for a successful future within the industry.

What made you want to join The Dairy for your apprenticeship?

I chose The Dairy because from the moment I started my first internship with the company in 2017, it further ignited my passion to pursue a career in marketing. The Dairy set the bar high for me and although I interned elsewhere, I never felt as happy or as comfortable, as I did at The Dairy.

The Dairy sold me the whole ‘package’ of a great company and a lovely team, producing exciting work for reputable clients. I will always be extremely grateful for the internship opportunities I received here. I always hoped that my internships would lead to bigger things, but it never crossed my mind that it would lead to me working full time with the company less than a year later.

What do you enjoy about working as an apprentice for The Dairy?

My apprenticeship is exciting because I have the responsibility of a full time job, coupled with the opportunity to learn something new every single day within the job I love. Apprenticeships are a great idea and in my opinion, don’t always receive the credit they deserve. A lot of people still think that university is the only route open to them when it comes to higher education – even if they know that university isn’t really what they want to do. Apprenticeships open doors, provide a different way of working, and offer first hand experience of the workplace that you can’t always achieve through a degree.

What challenges have you faced (if any) and how have you overcome them?

Sometimes people wrongly assume that completing an apprenticeship – particularly in marketing – is an easy option.

In fact it can be the complete opposite. Sometimes it can be very difficult – especially when you’re so young in the world of work because people don’t always take you seriously or trust you with responsibility. It can also be difficult to juggle your studies with working full-time.

I am very grateful to the team at The Dairy because they have supported me throughout my apprenticeship to build my confidence and improve my skills, and they have put a lot of trust in me. They’re always on hand to help if I have concerns or problems. I have regular meetings with the team in order to ensure that I am on track – and if I need time to study or work on my assignments, they are very accommodating and flexible.