My University Challenge At The Dairy

As I am nearing the end of my placement at The Dairy, I wanted to take the chance to reflect on my experiences here and on the assessed project involved with the placement – which included a 15 minute presentation to The Dairy and a written report. The project, which I worked on during my time in the company, involved The Dairy setting me a challenge to provide recommendations to a marketing problem within the agency.


On the back of recent success, The Dairy is hoping to expand, and my project was focused on developing a strategic growth plan for the company. The presentation included a situational analysis of The Dairy, growth opportunities in different sectors within the East Midlands and a full marketing plan for attracting new clients to the agency.


Undertaking the project was a great experience for me, I learnt how to deliver findings in a formal presentation to key stakeholders in a company. The most important thing I learnt was that standing up and delivering your ideas to a company is in fact not as scary an experience as I thought it would be! Nigel and Tom, who sat in on the presentation, were a key support during the whole process, taking the time to sit down with me to discuss how the project was going and providing guidance on how to undertake the research. This continued support really helped in contributing to me achieving a high mark in the project. I was thrilled when The Dairy provided great feedback at the end of the presentation and they have said that they will consider implementing some of my ideas!


Alongside this, I learnt how to manage my own time and juggle my project alongside undertaking other office jobs. Learning how to apply the theoretical knowledge I have learnt at university in a marketing job has given me the confidence that my studies are going to be a key help when I start my career. Gaining valuable background information about the agency involved me taking the time to sit down with all employees and organising this time. Learning how to work within a team is an essential part of working in any organisation and this placement has provided me with the opportunity to learn how to work effectively within a small team.


The skills I have learnt in my two months here can go on my CV and will help when it comes to attending future job interviews. My university supervisor, Julie, helped me throughout the process, meeting me at Cafe Nero weekly and providing feedback on any draft I gave her. I am thankful to have been placed at such a lovely company. The Dairy team has been very welcoming and made my time here so enjoyable, that I do not want to leave next week!