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The Brief

The Robin Hood Network (RHN) is a family of travel cards named after Nottingham’s famous outlaw, providing integrated bus, tram and train travel across the Greater Nottingham area. We were selected by the Robin Hood Network Marketing Group to refresh its brand identity and apply this across all future marketing materials.

The Solution

We pitched several concepts for taking the RHN brand forward. The chosen concept focused on bright, engaging colours with clear movement and direction – utilising assets such as arrows, targets, modes of transport and famous Nottinghamshire landmarks.

Our design team established a set of brand guidelines before rolling out the new brand identity across a suite of marketing materials including leaflets, digital display screens, bus shelter adverts and card designs. We also put our creative skills into practice by working up a full campaign targeting students arriving in the city for the 2019/20 academic year and we’re proud to be continuing our relationship with the team at RHN, long-term.

Robin Hood Network Advertising Mockup
Robin Hood Network Advertising Mockup
Robin Hood Network Advertising Mockup

Creating direction for Nottingham’s transport users across bus, tram and train.

The Robin Hood Network covers Nottingham and the greater Nottingham area, so we needed to think big when reinvigorating the brand. The array of assets captured the imaginations of different audiences through sport, leisure and entertainment, and rhyming straplines tied our campaigns together for a brand that truly resonated with local people.

Robin Hood Network Marketing Artwork
Robin Hood Network Marketing Artwork

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