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New Account Junior Claudia Is Loving Life At The Dairy!

Hi, my name is Claudia Wright and I have been the new Account Junior at The Dairy for just over a month now. My job role includes supporting Tom as he manages social media for clients, drafting blog posts, honing my copywriting and PR skills with Fiona, and (my colleagues would argue most importantly) putting the kettle on!

Over the next year, I will be completing a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, with East Bridgford-based course provider SR Education. So far, I am really enjoying the balance between ‘Dairy Working Life’ and the time to focus on my assignments which allows me to learn new things and apply my knowledge.

If you are an avid follower of The Dairy, you will know that this is not my first time with the team. I have actually completed three internship placements at the agency over the last year. This meant that I was able to not only get to know and understand specific clients and their work, but also get to know the team pretty well too. It’s a great feeling to be welcomed back…for good! I was so lucky to have been offered this position, so it is my aim to work as hard as I can to complete my qualifications and become a valued member of the team.

As a bit of background on me, I’m 18 and live with my parents and younger brother in a small village outside Bingham. I left school this year with A levels in English Literature, Psychology and Drama and began my Dairy Apprenticeship in September. I recognised the importance of studying for A Levels, but I always knew I didn’t want to go to university as I prefer learning on the job. My aim is to gain as much experience as possible in the industry in order to develop my knowledge of all things marketing, and as a full-service marketing and design agency, the Dairy is the perfect place to achieve this!

Outside of work, I’m probably watching The Office (cue an awkward David Brent reference) and I love to shop (my bank balance doesn’t love this habit quite as much!) I also spend my time with my family and friends in Nottingham or I’m on a train visiting friends who went to uni all around the country. So I still get to experience the uni social life, it just means I’m back to work on Monday – which I love.

I’m so grateful to be a part of The Dairy and I’ve never been happier!