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Why having the right call to action button is crucial for brand engagement

July 28, 2023 | By The Dairy
Why having the right call to action button is crucial for brand engagement

CTAs are an integral component for marketing campaigns and can be used across social platforms, emails and websites – but why do businesses need them and how important is it to get them right?

A CTA, or call to action, is an essential element in any marketing campaign and prompts customers to take a specific action. They’re usually found on social platforms, websites and apps and are designed to create a sense of urgency, engagement and ultimately drive conversions.

Calls to action buttons should be simple and clear for the reader in order to generate a higher click through rate. They can be found on landing pages, website advertisements or emails and often utilise action-oriented language such as “Buy Now”, “ Sign Up” or “Learn More”.

Other forms of CTAs include overlays which appear as pop-ups, or overlays on a website to grab the visitor’s attention and encourage them to take an action. Brands may use this tool to increase email sign ups or subscriptions.

Social media CTAs are often used to specifically drive social conversions – with examples including “share this post” or “follow for more tips”.

It is important for CTAs to align with a brand’s marketing strategy, goals and objectives. A digital agency has the ability to align these factors with business objectives in order to maximise impact and the eventual return on investment.

How to improve CTAs

Personalised CTAs are vital to successful user journeys because customers place such high value on them. In fact, according to Hubspot, personalised CTAs are over 200% more effective than a less personal approach.

Post-purchase CTAs can also increase the likelihood of customers sharing news about their purchase by up to 16x according to Hubspot. This can then aid word of mouth marketing via online communities, which is an effective way of reaching new consumers and building trust in a brand.

The placement of CTAs is also critical. A clear call to action that is easy to see can generate more leads. A great example of this, as cited by Hubspot, was when a freelance consultant placed a CTA at the bottom of a long landing page, rather than at the side or the top of the page. When the CTA was moved to a more prominent position, it resulted in a 304% increase in conversions.

Similarly, PartnerStack says that by changing wording, you can drive greater conversions. One example cited uses the example of changing “Book a demo” to “Get started” – which increased conversions by over 100%.

Consumers also value less text and more convenience, so switching from text-based CTAs to button-based CTAs can increase your click through rate by 32%.

What does this mean for business?

Businesses increasingly rely on CTAs to boost conversion rates, encompassing subscriptions, purchases, leads, feedback and sign-ups. A strong CTA directly enhances business potential and profit, regardless of whether they operate in a B2C or B2B sector.

Digital CTAs offer the advantage of clear measurement and monitoring, enabling businesses to discern user preferences. Here are some methods to measure CTAs:

  • Click-through rate (CTR) – the amount of users who have clicked the CTA button
  • Conversion rate (CR) – amount of people who have used the CTA button for a desired action, could be a purchase, sign up, booking
  • Cost per action (CPA) – is a marketing metric that measures the cost incurred by a business or advertiser for each desired action or conversion that occurs as a result of their marketing efforts. Usually worked out by CPA = Total Campaign Cost / Number of Conversions
  • Return on investment (ROI) – (Return from campaign – campaign costs/ initial investment) * 100

These metrics can be displayed within a variety of platforms such as Google analytics, Semrush or Hootsuite, depending on the channels and platform the business chooses to market and monitor its activities.

By employing a digital marketing agency, organisations can benefit from reports relating to their marketing campaigns – highlighting positive metrics, and areas where improvements can be made, in order to maximise the ROI and validate why having great CTAs can be so beneficial.

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