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What is strategy and why is it essential
for your brand?

November 21, 2023 | By The Dairy
What is strategy and why is it essential<br>for your brand?

Marketing Strategy: A complete approach to an organisation’s positioning, its target audience, its objectives, and how to achieve them.


In this blog, we want to explain why our job isn’t as simple as “posting on Instagram”, and how a clear and defined strategy can see your brand go from strength to strength. For both ourselves, and our clients, creating a long-term plan that is uniquely tailored to the goals of a company is critical for short and long-term success.


Understand your business

Your marketing strategy should always be aligned to your business objectives. Understanding where your business is within your industry is vital at this stage. Common objectives may be;

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Generating sales
  • Growing the organisation

It’s important to understand that every business needs a marketing plan because it provides a consistent strategy for teams to work towards while ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes to how to position your organisation. No matter what your objectives are, a marketing strategy will maximise your chances of achieving them.


Define your audiences

Once you have an in-depth understanding of your business and its goals, it’s time to turn your attention to those people who your marketing needs to reach. Understanding your audience is just as important as understanding your objectives. From who they are and what their pain points are, to where they will be most likely to see your content and what they will respond to, all of this will ultimately shape your marketing strategy. The best method for understanding your audience is creating buyer personas, so that you can fully visualise people who represent your target markets.


Remember to consider:

  • Who are they (age, gender, location, hobbies)
  • Their objectives (what do they want? How can you help them?)
  • Pain points (what might hinder them buying your product or service)
  • Their behaviour (where will they experience your marketing activities?)


But is strategy really that important?

Consistency is key when it comes to any successful marketing activity, no matter what your objectives are. Your audiences want you and your marketing to ‘show up’. When we say ‘show up’, we mean considering the consistency of brand and consistency of message across all of your channels.

From content shared on social, to outdoor media advertisements, radio commercials and search ads – everything must create a joined up experience with an ever-present sense of familiarity for your customers. The only way to achieve this is through a consistent marketing strategy. Inconsistencies will only confuse and frustrate your audiences – turning them off to your product or service.


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