What a Great Week at The Dairy!

Hi, my name is Claudia Wright and I am currently a student, attending Toot Hill sixth form in Nottinghamshire. I am keen to work in PR in the future as the business has always appealed to me as you can have fun in what you do, whilst remaining professional, of course.

However, unlike the majority of my year (and in fact the majority of people my age in a years time) I am not attending university. This, of course, leaves me, and probably my parents, thinking “WHAT IS MY PLAN?”…sorry Mum!

As I am not attending university, I believe it is important for me to gain experience and find opportunities in order to gain knowledge and knowhow at an agency first hand…this is where The Dairy come in.

In my opinion, PR requires passion, friendliness and an eagerness to learn which I have alongside dedication to achieve my goals (if I do say so myself), despite the lack of a degree. Going against the majority can be scary especially when there isn’t a huge amount of support on the ‘non-uni’ side of things. But standing alone doesn’t mean you have to be alone, so I decided to make some connections.

After seeing business professionals using LinkedIn, you feel like a fraud creating a profile as a college student. To be honest, at first I thought that it would be one of those unused accounts which is paired with constantly deleting those annoying ‘Where are you, Claudia?’ emails. But I must say, when my friends are scrolling through Instagram seeing their new followers and likes; I scroll through LinkedIn and see my profile views and connections.

After seeing Nigel’s profile on LinkedIn and doing some research I contacted him regarding a placement. We met up and agreed to let me into the wonderful world of The Dairy for a week. Obviously my main plan whilst at my placement was seeing PR in action, but I have loved seeing the agency in action, as a whole, and to be part of it (even just for a week) is great!

As an agency I admired The Dairy straight away! As you would expect, I was slightly nervous starting on my first morning but I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly, fun approachable atmosphere yet also remaining professional. Is it any wonder they receive such amazing feedback from clients?

As an agency who pride themselves on being honest and open, the team are extremely helpful in explaining their current situations and future business plans to someone who has obviously never worked for the company. Their openness also means that I am never afraid to ask questions and also feel extremely supported in my somewhat unusual decision to not attend university. Unlike others The Dairy have made me feel like I can achieve my career goals without a degree, for which I am very grateful.

I would love to connect with other marketing and communications professionals in order to gain experience. You can find me on Linkedin under Claudia Wright. I can’t wait to find opportunities, gain experience and start learning!


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