Verena’s in the Dog House!

Balloons, cake, action! This year, The Dairy will be celebrating its 15th anniversary and in order to celebrate it properly (and spread the love), the team agreed that each of us would choose a charity we’re passionate about and dedicate 15 hours of volunteering to our own individually chosen good causes.

German efficiency kicking in, I was the first one to choose a charity that is very close to my heart – the charity of long doggos (also known as ‘greyhounds’)!

My other half Topher and I, first visited Judith & John at Crossing Cottage ‘Retired Greyhound Trust’ in the summer of 2015 looking for our own retired greyhound – after realising how many ex-racers are in desperate need of a loving home. Most people won’t know it, but greyhounds are the most gentle, loyal, chilled and LAZY breed in the universe (common misconception that they need a lot of exercise – nope. They are also known as 40mph couch potatoes for a good reason!) – and we immediately fell in love with a blue, enormously tall and gangly boy we named Archer. This loving space-oddity has lived with us ever since and we love him to the moon and back – reason enough for me to dedicate some extra time to the other retired racers that are still waiting for their matching humans.

So for two consecutive Saturdays I ventured out to the East Midlands branch of the ‘Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT)’ in Sutton-on-Trent to support the team of volunteers with their daily mini-horsedog-maintenance – and I can’t stress enough how much the RGT team deserves the biggest shoutout possible. They truly care about each of their hounds and work incredible hours to ensure they’re all tail-waggingly happy – a real 24/7 job that they all do with the greatest passion and dedication.

Mornings at the rescue kennel start with walking, followed by kennel cleaning, cuddles, more cuddles, feeding, watering, taking them to the compound for a run, did I mention cuddles… all resulting in a bunch of snoozing happy greyhounds. Once done, press repeat. I learned very quickly that there is always something that needs to be done in a rescue kennel and every helping hand is needed.

Volunteering at the RGT has been a truly rewarding experience, paired with meeting a bunch of incredible people – their dedication to the hounds deserves the Oscar of the volunteer world! Helping with the hounds is also a little bit addictive so it won’t be long until I will be back at the kennel caring for some of Archer’s ex-racing buddies. It also took all my will-power to not fill my car with more greyhounds to take home and turn into the ‘crazy hound lady’ from next door.

Every little donation will help them care for the dogs until they can find them a suitable new home. So if you can spare anything or want to find out more about these sweet-natured spindly creatures, make sure you visit

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