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Understanding the power of brand

May 9, 2024 | By The Dairy
Understanding the power of brand

Your brand is your entire business identity. Your brand gives you a personality. It sets the tone and is the identity and story of a business; the perception of what customers can expect, interlaced through packaging, advertising and emotion.

It’s therefore the perfect moment to explore why having the right brand for your business is so important to long-term success.

Successful brands build trust

Establishing a customer base that trusts you is an achievement and can lead to improved customer retention. A brand is the first piece of the jigsaw we expect to see when researching a business. Without one, we have no first impression and as a consumer, we cannot build trust. Think of it like this. If you had two different businesses side-by-side and one has no brand identity or personality, while the other has a story and emotional gage, it is obvious which one you would choose. You would trust the business with a brand and a credible story to tell.

Tell an authentic brand story

A successful brand story positively impacts customer interactions. Without a brand story, marketing campaigns will struggle to connect with consumers and fail to adhere to a businesses mission, vision and objectives. A great way of showcasing a brand is through authentic storytelling. McDonald’s uses storytelling to create emotionally-driven campaigns that reflect nostalgia and inspiration. The brand often maximises employee or customer stories built on positive interactions within its restaurants – humanizing the brand and creating a relatable, heartwarming story that captivates audiences. 

One particular business known for affordable wardrobes and tasty meatballs has a very clear and noticeable brand strategy. IKEA’s backstory supports its outward ethos. The brand’s Swedish founder, Kamprad, sold stationery and homeware decorations from the age of ten. During the worldwide expansion of IKEA, Kamprad drove the same car for twenty years and visited every store he possibly could. If he flew, he always flew economy class to keep costs down – all the while ensuring that the brand he created remained true to the simple vision he had as a child selling stationery and homeware. This humble, heartwarming and authentic backstory supports IKEA’s strength of consistency. It is a brand that prides itself on providing people with affordable, simple luxuries for the home – the same thing Kamprad always set out to do. Without this story, IKEA would lack the purity that has maintained consumer loyalty for decades. 


Attracting external talent

Equal in its importance for attracting consumers is being admired by professionals who want to work for you. According to Imaginasium, businesses who struggle for job applicants often lack a clear brand identity. Would you want to work for a business that has no clear message or identity? 

In today’s society, workplace culture is a critical component within job searches – with satisfied employees said to be 12% more productive than the average worker (Teamstage, 2024). Happy people perform better – fact. Culture has therefore become a competitive advantage for businesses, with executives discovering that a positive work environment drives productivity, engagement, and enthusiasm.

Brands should represent company cultures. A brand lacking personality will attract little-to-no engagement or admiration – factors that ultimately drive success. By harnessing creativity and crafting a story that is a true reflection of an internal culture businesses will be able to enjoy the results that follow.


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Telling authentic Brand stories

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