Tom Goes Back to School As He Starts His CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing

When embarking on my career nearly five and a half years ago, (how time flies!), one of the goals I set for myself along my marketing path was to one day study for, and complete, a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) course to become ‘marketing qualified’.

My degree at Nottingham Trent University put me in a great position to enter the industry, with an understanding for social, psychological and media theory alongside marketing business knowledge. I came away from three fantastic years at NTU with a degree in Media and Communication & Society – but this degree isn’t a CIM recognised marketing qualification. I don’t regret my degree choice in the slightest, but at some stage in my career the aim was always for me to take the plunge and go ‘back to school’ to gain that glittering marketing qualification I desperately want for my future marketing self.

I’m delighted to say that now, at the age of 28, I am embarking on this long-awaited journey. I’ve officially enrolled with the Oxford College of Marketing to study for my CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing – which will see me complete modules in Digital Strategy, Driving Innovation, Mastering Metrics and Strategic Marketing.

Studying remotely, I will be completing the diploma alongside my full-time work at The Dairy – yes I like to make life difficult for myself!

Making the step up to Account Manager at the start of 2018 made me realise that the time was coming for me to start looking at courses and see how soon I could realistically begin this new chapter of my career. As ever, Nigel and the team at The Dairy have been fantastic in supporting me within both my new role and my decision to work towards my CIM qualification.

Plenty of employers would deny you the opportunity because it could be seen as a possible distraction from your day-to-day work. Fortunately The Dairy recognises the benefits of me adding to my skill-set with this CIM qualification because it doesn’t just benefit me in the long run, it also benefits The Dairy to up-skill me and harness as much potential from me as it can.

I’m excited to start this latest chapter in my development which should take about 18 months to complete. Just get used to seeing me with my head buried in books far more now, than ever before!

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