Tips on marketing your company during and after Covid-19 from our intern, Annie

Staying at home is the plan for Britain for the foreseeable future. Our homes have become a bar, pub, gym, restaurant and office all merged into one. This means that there has been a huge shift in the way we do things and what we spend our hard earned money on – resulting in a change in the way we are marketed to, perhaps forever.

Brands can no longer rely on just advertising across buses and billboards, they have had to think outside of the box. But when we say outside of the box, what do we really mean? Here’s a few channels that are top of the list in this alternative marketing world we now inhabit.

Live Streaming

If you’re an avid social media fan, then you would have noticed that ‘Live streaming’ notifications have been popping up constantly on your screen. Live streaming is very useful for your business because you can use it to market your products, engage with your followers, or simply improve your brand’s social media presence.

During this period of lockdown, it is really important that the main function of live streaming is to primarily promote positivity and support the consumer. Avoid direct sales messages where you can and don’t try to force your product or service onto people. This might simply turn the customer off. Add value to their lives through streaming services and you never know, they might still buy from you anyway!

Messaging Channels 

Messaging channels have become a really good way to connect with consumers on a more personal level. The use of WhatsApp in particular has increased by 40% globally according to Techcrunch. The rising popularity of group messaging is down to the nation coming together to aid key workers and provide as much support as possible. Group chats allow one message to reach everyone and creates a platform to start a discussion around a specific topic or product. 

Therefore, marketing through private channels creates an opportunity for you to generate those vital personalised experiences for consumers that you have never been able to achieve previously. If you work for a charity, it also creates an opportunity to facilitate awareness around fundraising in a more confidential manner.

Digital Content

The use of webinars has become increasingly popular across online platforms and they are ideal for demonstrating and showcasing your products to a live audience. This is another way to add value for your consumers, opening up a live forum whereby an experience can be created for the viewer that might otherwise have only been achievable face-to-face. 

Q&A sessions are particularly engaging for audiences and give them the opportunity to find out more about certain topics or even ask a question directly in order to receive a quicker response than they might normally.

Don’t forget to add a fun spin on things! 

A top tip when creating brand awareness at this time is to make sure you create a fun element to your marketing. Posting company challenges across your social media platforms is a prime example of this – similar to our Dairy Dares back in December. People will appreciate how tough these times are so being able to see the lighter side of your brand as well as a positive company outlook, will grab attention and generate engagement with consumers whilst remaining empathetic to the situation.

These are just a few ideas on how to market your company in a different way during this unprecedented time. Hopefully these tips give you an idea on how to get started and feel free to get in touch with us if you need support with innovative marketing ideas and strategies.

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