The Year in Review for The Dairy (2015)

This time last year, we sat down as a team and looked at how successful 2015 had been for us and more importantly, how successful we wanted 2016 to be for The Dairy.

We envisioned 2016 as our year of growth, a chance to expand and flex our marketing muscles a bit more in order to hit key goals for the business. We are thrilled to say, that 2016 has in fact delivered more than we anticipated – it’s been a truly brilliant year for us!

So, what have been the key ingredients to our great year?

Building our client base has been a fundamental foundation for our development. For any marketing agency, adding to the portfolio of clients is a must if you do not wish to stand still. We are very fortunate to work with a fantastic selection of clients, and we’ve added great names such as Lindens, Peveril Homes, McCann and Tennants to the list this year. We like to work with good people and we like to think that our clients think the same about us. In fact our 2016 client survey showed that the proof of the pudding was most definitely in the eating!

Financially we are healthy, achieving growth and continuing our recovery from a hard recession at the turn of the decade. There’s a solidity to us, with a strong, happy team producing high-quality work and delivering results both ourselves and our clients are proud of on a daily basis.

On the subject of our team, we end 2016 with 6 people – growing by one body on this time last year. Myself, Verena, Fiona and Caroline are all still here from last year’s cohort. We waved a sad farewell to Libby in the Summer but we welcomed our new creative designer/artworker Mitch to the ranks. Our team growth has come in the form of our Account Executive Tom, who joined The Dairy in February and has been heavily involved in digital marketing, PR and generally looking after our clients. We’ve definitely seen the benefits of an extra pair of hands, increasing our capacity to produce even more creative work and meeting the needs of our growing client base.

So what are we hoping Santa will bring us for 2017?

Continued growth is of course the aim. We cannot afford to stand still and rest on our creative laurels. An increase in turnover and even more varied projects are high on the hit list, as is increasing the client base. It’s a case of more of the same for the team, building on a truly marvelous year with the hope that plenty more exciting times lay in store for the next 12 months!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, and we look forward to what we foresee will be a prosperous 2017 for The Dairy.

Our last day in the office is Friday the 23rd December 2016, and we get going again on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

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