Safety, transparency and stability – the consumer trend of 2021

Hi everyone!  My name is Erin and I have recently started an exciting internship at The Dairy Creative Agency!  I’m originally from Liverpool and currently in my final year studying Fashion at Nottingham Trent University.

Interning at The Dairy Creative Agency has been such a great experience so far! Carrying out an internship with an award-winning agency has allowed me to develop my knowledge and insights into marketing even further. 

Whilst studying Fashion Communication and Promotion, I’ve found that forecasting and analysing trends really fascinates me. I’ve therefore carried out extensive research on a 2021 consumer trend forecast to see what its impacts might be.

What will consumers need this year?

As a result of the pandemic, there has been a surge of uncertainty and a contagion of anxiety throughout the world. The Office for National Statistics says, “our figures show that since the pandemic began, 19 million adults in Great Britain reported high levels of anxiety”. When using Google trends, we can see that the number of web searches for the word safety spiked worldwide in March when Covid-19 was a prominent topic in the media. 

I would therefore predict in 2021 that consumers will demand safety, transparency and stability from brands they choose to purchase from.

Throughout the visual landscape we can see that since the pandemic struck, brands, films and marketing campaigns that have utilised safety, transparency and stability, have been extremely successful. 

For example the design of Wiggle Room Furniture features light pastel colours with curved edges. These key elements in the structural design have been a favourable purchase with mothers due to its safe and playful aesthetic. 

Another good example is Glossier, who donated thousands of products to hospitals in America. Promoting this campaign on their social media platforms resulted in a surge of sales of their hand sanitiser thanks to this reinforcement of a caring nature, as well as a safety within the brand. 

The period pants brand WUKA released their first period pack with the manifesto “that your daughter has a stress free period”. This marketing method allows the consumer to connect with the brand due to its on-trend safety pledges and transparent branding. 

So, let’s have a quick look at 5 tips for how brands can reassure their consumers in 2021 amid all of the current uncertainty.

5 ways your brand can utilise safety, transparency and stability

1. Use the colour green in your branding and social media platforms 

The colour green conveys safety, calmness and health to the consumer.  Therefore, using green tones and hues in your brand aesthetic will connect with consumers’ current needs and desires. This will in turn affect their judgement positively when deciding whether or not to buy into your brand. 

2. Allow the consumer ‘backstage’ access to your brand

Transparency has been a cornerstone for many brands when connecting to consumers. Brands can therefore use their social media platforms to showcase hidden and unseen elements to the consumer. This will allow the purchaser to feel part of the brand tribe whilst increasing loyalty and hopefully, conversion. 

3. Showcase positivity throughout your branding

Since the start of the pandemic, negative media coverage has created feelings of anxiousness and disconnection from our community – especially on social media. Showcasing positive graphics in your social media branding will allow the consumer to escape and find refuge in your brand among all of the negativity swirling around in the digital space. 

4. Bring your brand into the home environment

The home has become both a place of safety and security whilst creating a dynamic hub for all activities throughout the past year. This is a good reason to make sure you’re engaging consumers whilst at home via social media or other digital channels in order to develop deeper connections and increase your positive reputation in their mind. 

5. Quote the past 

Finally, the use of nostalgia in branding allows consumers to indulge in childhood memories and remember a time before the pandemic.  It also becomes a stabilising force, which allows consumers to form a deeper connection with your brand. 

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has altered a large amount of consumers buying and purchasing habits. Brands therefore need to evolve and adapt their marketing strategies in order to meet their needs during the year ahead and beyond. 

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