Our second Covid-19 update

Following the government’s announcement last night about the latest measures to be put in place in response to Covid-19, we have this morning progressed our plans for tackling the outbreak – introducing new measures taking effect as of today.

Moving forward, our team will be split into two – with an ‘A’ team and a ‘B’ team (cue much debate about who gets to be on which team!)

One half of our team will work from home for a week, with the other half based from the office. Those in the office will work in different rooms to maintain social distancing and the two teams will alternate on a weekly basis to ensure that each has the opportunity to work from the office and from home.

This strategy ensures that we can still answer calls on the office phones and have a small presence here at The Dairy – while maintaining social distancing, the health of our team and fulfilling our commitments to our clients. It also maintains a routine for the team as well as a degree of social contact in order to look after their mental wellbeing at what is an unusual and difficult time.

We have also taken the decision to now pause face-to-face meetings with clients and suppliers. We feel that this is necessary in order to minimise contact and unnecessary travel for people, help to halt the outbreak and look after the wellbeing of the people we work in partnership with. We will be replacing face-to-face meetings with telephone/video calls and account managers will arrange these with their clients in due course.

We would like to stress that our service offering is not affected and it is very much business as usual for our team in how we deliver marketing expertise for clients. Please continue to liaise with your account manager about projects and tasks and they will continue to implement them for you.

Should a member of the team contract the virus, then appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that the spread is limited. The required period of self-isolating will start, cutting off physical contact with the rest of the team and the wider world. 

In the absence of an account manager for a particular client, the rest of the team will pick up the work in their absence.

As everyone can appreciate, the situation is constantly evolving and we will continue to monitor the news and the latest advice from the government and public health officials to inform us of our next steps. If anything changes then we will of course keep you in the loop!

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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