New hire, promotion and client wins spark exciting uplift

August 4, 2021 | By Tom Walters
New hire, promotion and client wins spark exciting uplift

Hot on the heels of our rebrand, we’re also celebrating a number of positive announcements after we recently hired new Senior Account Executive Hannah Taylor, while promoting Senior Designer Chris Skeggs to the position of Creative Director and winning a series of new clients.

Situated in Nottingham’s suburb of West Bridgford, we provide clients with access to full-service marketing support – from strategy and branding through to design, digital marketing, PR, animation and content creation

As part of our growth ambitions, we have made two significant announcements in relation to our team. The first is the appointment of new Senior Account Executive Hannah Taylor – who joins after previously working as Marketing Leader at Pendragon. Hannah has also previously spent over a year at Finecast as a Regional Client Services Executive and now wants to pursue her dream of working for a creative agency – as she goes on to explain.

“When I saw that there was an opportunity to join The Dairy, I immediately made contact with the team,” says Hannah.

“I’ve been aware of The Dairy’s work for a while and it’s always been my aim to one day work for a creative agency and be a part of that fast paced environment, while working with a range of brands and really utilising all of my expertise. I’m incredibly happy to be here and I can’t wait to begin working on some exciting projects!”

Hannah’s appointment is not the only news to come out of our team, after we recently promoted our Senior Designer Chris Skeggs to the position of Creative Director.

Chris joined The Dairy in 2017 and has been an integral part of our in-house studio ever since – working across a wide range of branding, web and design projects.

He is delighted to be taking on the position of Creative Director and sees a bright future ahead for the agency as we aim to push forward and grow over the coming years.

“We had a great period pre-COVID where we were on an upward trajectory and growing nicely,” says Chris, “but as was experienced by many companies, that growth was halted slightly and we’ve had to focus on consolidating what we have and re-gaining that momentum,”

“I’ve always had the ambition of becoming a Creative Director at some stage and I’m delighted that it will be with The Dairy,” he adds. “We have a focused, creative team here that does the right things by its clients and we have all of the foundations in place now to grow considerably over the coming years and push boundaries for ourselves and the brands we work with.”

For our Managing Director, Nigel Rowlson, the addition of Hannah and Chris’ step up will enable the team to push forward and fulfill his and the agency’s long-term goals.

“We’re ambitious and we have a strategy in place for where we want to be and when we want to be there,” says Nigel. “Hannah joins us with a fantastic pedigree, as well as a hunger and a desire for success. She’s creative, focused and will add an exciting dynamic to our team, and I know that our clients will love working with her,”

“Chris has been at the heart of a lot of our creative success in recent years – leading on how we position ourselves creatively as an agency and delivering exciting projects for a range of clients in different sectors. It only felt right that he should be given the opportunity to go to the next level. He’s proven himself to be an invaluable member of the team and we look forward to watching him flourish in his new role.”

The timing of the news around both Hannah and Chris could not be better, after we recently won a series of new clients including Creswell Crags, Mentor Business Systems, Direct Textiles & Bags (DTB), and FSG Tableware.

“The hunger for honest, high-end creative work is there and we’re certainly seeing evidence of that at the moment through the approaches we’re receiving and the new clients we’re working with. It feels like there’s a renewed confidence for businesses to invest in creative marketing and we’re delighted to welcome these latest clients on board.”

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