London calling, as we become the marketing partner for Harris Glubb

We’re celebrating our second new client win of 2021 after being named as the full-service marketing partner of London-based tax and technology recruitment specialists, Harris Glubb.

With over 20 years of expertise representing tax and technology businesses and candidates, Harris Glubb is a boutique London-based business with a passion for finding the right people for the right roles within a very specialist industry.

The firm is headed up by its Managing Director Mark Glubb and is going from strength to strength across London and the south of England. Mark and the team saw a real opportunity coming into 2021 for the brand to capitalise on a marketplace which is set to become a lot busier as we come out of the pandemic – with many more candidates looking to secure new roles this year. As a result, Mark wanted to make a significant investment in the brand’s marketing and bring a full-service agency on board who could target the right audiences and capitalise on the opportunities available, as he goes on to explain. 

“There’s a lot of activity and pent up demand for people within tax and tax technology, so we saw this year as the perfect time to reinvigorate our brand and really invest in our marketing – particularly in the digital space,” explains Mark.

“We were searching for potential marketing partners both inside and outside of London when we came across The Dairy. We felt a real connection with the team – a shared ethos and a mirror image of ourselves, if you will. We loved The Dairy’s open and honest approach, its full service expertise and its high standing within the East Midlands. After speaking to Nigel and Tom, we knew that The Dairy was the right partner for us and we trust that the team will take us on an exciting journey over the coming years as we look to grow even further and really evolve the brand.”

Our team was fortunate enough to have struck up a partnership with historic attraction Nottingham Castle earlier this year. Welcoming Harris Glubb on board just over a month later is another welcome piece of news for our Managing Director Nigel Rowlson who admits that 2021 has, so far, surpassed the team’s expectations.

“When we had our Christmas break and said goodbye to 2020, I must admit we looked ahead to 2021 with cautious optimism,” explains Nigel.

“I fully expected a quiet first three or four months to the year while the pandemic was still at its worst, and that we might need to ride out a storm before things begin to turn a corner in the spring. As it happens it’s been the complete opposite. We’ve seen a significant amount of new projects come in and we’re absolutely delighted to have welcomed Nottingham Castle and now Harris Glubb on board so early on,”

He continues, “Mark and the team have worked hard to create a fantastic recruitment business in London with a positive reputation – and they have real ambitions for further growth. They appreciate that solid marketing thinking and exciting creative output is going to help them get there and we’re genuinely delighted that they’ve chosen us as their full-service partner going forward.”

Securing a London-based client has been one of the main goals for our team in the past 12 months following several digital campaigns in the capital. Nigel sees real potential for us in London and the surrounding areas due to the rise in virtual meetings and the prices associated with agencies based in the capital.

“Agencies within London are typically going to be very expensive because they have higher overheads to pay,” says Nigel. “For brands who usually shop around in London for their marketing, coming to the East Midlands and especially Nottingham is great because there’s an abundance of talent here and the rates are far lower for exactly the same level of quality. Harris Glubb has recognised the quality that is available further afield and I would hope to see more London brands doing the same over the coming months given the rise in the flexible working practices we are now becoming used to.”

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