The Importance Of Shapes In Logo Design

Hi, I’m Zara (yes, like the shop) in my second year at Nottingham Trent Uni studying Fashion Marketing and Branding and I’m currently an intern here at the Dairy! I’m interested in marketing as a whole but, as a quite creative person, I’m interested in the design aspect of marketing and am keen to learn more about this area!

My course offered me the chance to do a placement during the last term of my second year and so of course I had to do it! Before starting here I did 4 weeks at House of Fraser head office and as great as that was, it was very different to how The Dairy works! I’ve gone from a big corporate brand in London working with various different people, to a small team in a suburb of Notts! 

I was approached by my lecturer about the Dairy and after looking into them further, I knew I wanted to apply. I’ve learnt so much already about the marketing world and what sort of thing the agency gets up to – from working with various clients to managing social media i’ve gained a lot of valuable experience. The friendly atmosphere of the team instantly made me feel welcome and I have been made to feel a part of the team from the get go – feeling appreciated for the work that I do. I’ve been given my own projects, such as helping manage their other website – Notts MaDe, and have been given many different tasks to work on – yes, making a good cup of tea is a big part of this!

But enough rambling about me…. I want to talk more about marketing and design in particular!

The Importance Of Shapes In Logo Design:

I did some research on the importance of design in marketing and stumbled across some interesting articles about logos which are the face of every brand. A logo can be the most powerful tool for a designer when promoting a brand. They embody the company’s services, beliefs, and ethos.

Designers must choose carefully in order to evoke the desired emotions from the brand’s target audience through shapes, colours, and type. Each visual cue hides a message that can provoke a different psychological reaction from its consumers.

Below is a quick overview of how shape plays an important part in logos, with a few carefully chosen examples included to demonstrate the effects.

Circles: Interconnecting circles convey unity and strength, best demonstrated with the Olympic rings.

: Triangles associate with energy and danger, but with a solid structure. They evoke a sense of power and masculinity. 

Squares: Perfectly balanced, squares are solid and reliable, but can risk looking dull if there’s a lack of colour and shades.

Curves: Often used to represent a smile, curves evoke a sense of positivity, comfort and warmth.

Diagonal lines: Like triangles, diagonal lines hint of energy and danger, resulting in a dynamic and exciting response.

It is important for brands to chose wisely when creating/designing their brand logo. It’s vital to remain original and make sure that there is a differentiation from existing brands to make sure their brand is memorable and stands out from the rest. From looking at the logos above, these are all well known brands and they have clearly chosen the shape which they feel has the most meaning and will have the desired effect for their brand.

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