Hiring a Marketing Employee vs a Marketing Agency

July 21, 2022 | By Emily Ward
Hiring a Marketing Employee vs a Marketing Agency

Marketing is one of the most important tools which your businesses should be using to increase brand awareness in your industry, which in turn should drive sales forward and increase profits.

You might be at a point where you are considering implementing a marketing strategy for your business, but are unsure of whether to hire an in-house marketing employee, or outsource a marketing agency.

There are many things to consider when thinking about how you want to implement your marketing strategy, so we wanted to share our expertise and help make that decision a little bit easier for you!


In-house vs Agency: what’s the difference?

An in-house team are dedicated marketing employees within your company who will drive your marketing strategy forward. They will be managed by your team, and benefit from company perks just like any other employees.

On the other hand, a marketing agency is sourced externally and paid for by your company. They can offer experience in a range of different marketing mediums to put together the strategy that is right for your business.


Pros, cons and everything in between

Let’s start with a marketing employee. The hiring and training process can be a pretty lengthy one, especially if they will be the only employee in your company who will be looking after your marketing strategy. It may be difficult to know what experience to look for from a potential candidate, however once they are fully settled into your company, it will be easy to nurture a long-term relationship. They will become an expert in your industry and available to work on your marketing tactics 100% of the time, as they will be working only for you.


However a marketing agency might be the better option. There are many types of marketing agencies to choose from, so you are almost guaranteed to find one that will suit the needs of your business. Some offer specialisms in digital marketing, print or advertorials, PR or some are full service (like us!), meaning we offer everything from digital marketing to graphic design all under one roof. Working with an agency can be more cost effective than hiring a full time employee, since you will only  pay for the services you use, and you will have access to all the resources, connections and experience that an agency has to offer.


How to decide which is right for you

When deciding whether or not you want to hire a new employee or work with a marketing agency on your marketing strategy, you need to consider your business goals and objectives. In which areas do you feel that you need the most support? Are you looking to incorporate more digital marketing tactics and use paid advertising? Are you wanting to get your name out in the industry through PR activities? How big is your budget and does this change short or long term?

You may decide to do both! An option could be that you decide to work with an agency short-term to get your marketing strategy up and running, and then look to hire a marketing employee in the future when the budget becomes available. 


How can an agency work alongside and support your in-house team?

Some of the most successful businesses around the world will work with marketing and creative agencies as well as employing a whole team of marketing employees, think of it as a big, super-charged marketing network! While agencies might not always be experts in the industry you specialise in, they are experts in marketing, so the resources and experience that they can offer in-house teams is invaluable. They may fill gaps in knowledge about new social platforms, offer important, high-profile connections and be able to massively scale up the reach of its marketing efforts. 


Want to know how we can help your brand?

At The Dairy, we deliver a comprehensive range of digital marketing services for brands – from social media management to content marketing. Our experts can support the growth of your digital footprint and deliver successful marketing campaigns that nurture an engaged community for your brand.

If this sounds of interest to you or your business, then why not set up an in-person meeting or video call with our team to discuss your needs further? Get in touch by emailing hello@thedairyagency.co.uk or calling 0115 977 0221.

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