Want To Be A Good and Memorable Intern? Here Are Some Top Tips!

Here at The Dairy, we regularly offer both short-term (2 weeks) and longer-term (up to 3 months) unpaid internships to students interested in pursuing a career in marketing and PR. Cynical onlookers may think this is merely a way for us to gain an extra pair of hands at no extra cost! And it’s true, having another person in the office to support us with the day-to-day work for our clients is often really helpful.

But – hand on heart – the main reason we welcome young people into our cosy West Bridgford office is to give them a genuine insight into a career working for a very busy, small, yet growing marketing communications agency!

Nigel spends time giving every intern a full background of The Dairy – explaining how all our systems and processes work, the role of each member of the team, an overview of all our clients etc. The interns then get to work on a big posh Mac, getting involved in everything from research for clients, drafting blogs, contacting journalists, getting print quotes, to creating content for social media, proofing websites, and of course, making the tea! Basically everything they should expect to be doing in a Junior Account Executive role.

This genuinely is a great opportunity for students and is an excellent experience to add to that all-important CV. And while some have embraced every moment, clearly demonstrating their passion and enthusiasm for being given the chance to prove themselves as future marketers, others, in all honesty, act like they’re counting down the seconds until ‘school’s out’ for the day and have been more of a hindrance than a help to us! What a waste of time for both parties!

With this in mind, here’s some top tips on getting the most out of an Internship with The Dairy, and leaving a lasting, positive impression on the team. Hey! Our young Tom started out as a Dairy Intern and now he’s an awesome full-time employee!


10 tips for being a top Dairy Intern

  1. Offer to make lots of tea and coffee! – Let’s get our priorities straight shall we? Old people who work in offices drink tea and coffee. A lot. Never be afraid to offer. We’re often really busy but parched! Rest assured, you’ll be in our good books if you can make a good cuppa!
  2. Read up about The Dairy, the team, our clients and the work we do – Our website contains lots of useful information. If you can arrive on day 1 showing that you’ve already done some research about us, our clients and what we do for them, you’ll definitely be starting out on the right foot.
  3. Turn up on time in the morning and don’t ask to leave early (unless you have a really valid excuse!) – Arriving late in the morning or asking to leave early just suggests you don’t want to be here. Not great for your own PR. We appreciate you’re not being paid, but we’re trying to give you a real-life experience of the world of work. It wouldn’t be acceptable in a ‘proper job’, so it’s not acceptable with us!
  4. Be inquisitive and ask questions – You’re here to learn and we’re always happy to explain things, even if we seem really busy.
  5. Be enthusiastic and offer to help – There’ll always be something that you can help us with – never feel like you’re twiddling your thumbs or clock-watching.
  6. Completed your tasks? Make sure you tell us! – When you’ve finished your work, let us know and report back to us! There have been lots of occasions when an intern has completed a task and done a great job – but simply never mentioned the fact!
  7. Be proactive and make suggestions – Being an intern should be mutually-beneficial to both sides. We never stop learning and it’s really helpful for us to hear about your insights and experiences.
  8. Be prepared to do things that might feel out of your comfort zone – You might not have paid cheques into the bank before, you might not have made a cup of tea or coffee before, you might not have spoken to real live people on the phone before! But these are all things that you will more than likely need to do when you enter the world of work properly, so grit your teeth and push yourself! It’s all valuable experience.
  9. Be friendly and join in on conversations – We’re a happy, friendly bunch and not at all scary! Although sometimes it might seem that that we’re being busy and very quiet, we’re always open to a bit of banter and teasing 😉 And discussing last night’s Netflix viewing is a welcome break to heavy concentration sometimes.
  10. Be appreciative and courteous! – We always thank our good interns for helping us support our clients, as we genuinely appreciate all the work they do for us. Our most memorable interns thank us in return! And we always welcome chocolates, biscuits, pork pie… 😉
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