From Paintings to Pixels: Opening the Door to Graphic Design

Hi, my name’s Josh, and I’ve been welcomed as an intern to The Dairy’s design team as of August 2018. Despite the blazing hot sun at the beginning of the internship, I have been given a cool opportunity in a great agency with even greater people working around me.

Since being inspired to draw from a young age (I’m looking at you Saturday morning cartoons!), I continued to head to the University of Reading to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Art. The course was multidisciplinary, which in turn meant that I had created a range of weird and wonderful pieces by the time my final degree show rolled around. In the build up to this, I fell in love with digital works, and consequently spent many late nights exploring the intricacies of Photoshop. My passion and curiosity for digital work grew, and it was in this realisation that I turned my hand to Graphic Design.

I think it can be easy to forget how much of an important role graphic design plays for all of us within our day to day lives. Whether it’s for aesthetic value, or functionality (or both!), our routines are filled with examples of great design. We exist in a sea of brands, logos and visual communication, that impact everything from the food we put in our mouths to the shoes we wear on our feet. As someone with a long-term (and pricey) interest in streetwear, I have witnessed first hand the power of great marketing, memorable branding and timeless logos. Graphic Design bound these together time and time again, and served as a reminder of an industry I wanted to be a part of. To bring my creativity out of the sketchbook, off the canvas and into the flourishing world of Design, has been an exciting endeavour that I would happily do all over again.

An important lesson learnt as of late by peeking into the industry first hand, is how fast things can evolve and how a designer should be ready to adapt in order to thrive. Twenty years ago, if you told people you were a web designer, people might have assumed that you were a spider, whereas now it can be a common requirement to dabble for even junior level designers. With technology evolving at an exponential rate, it will be interesting to see which trends, patterns and challenges will unfold for us in the creative industry. Will current methods, software or technologies become redundant? Will we end up sat completing works in the future through virtual reality? Will AI or robots ever be able to design for us? (Let’s hope not!)

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