Festive place marketing, automotive product launch and sweet treats on list of six client wins

November 22, 2021 | By Tom Walters
Festive place marketing, automotive product launch and sweet treats on list of six client wins

Six new client wins have maintained what has been a strong year for our team as we celebrate getting to know a number of new sectors and products.

Our first new client is Nottingham-based CS Design (CSD), which specialises in cloud-based software solutions designed and supported by landscape experts. CSD’s Managing Director, Tim Calnan, was in search of the perfect agency to support the business with a rebrand as well as ongoing digital marketing services, and he is looking forward to the journey CSD will be going on over the coming weeks and months with The Dairy.

“Our brand hasn’t had much love recently, so we felt it was time we invested in proper marketing to reconnect with who we are, what we do, and then reflect that in our name, identity and wider marketing activities,”

Next up is a new product launch in partnership with Simon Rood, Managing Director of Nottingham-based Roodsafe. The product is not connected to Roodsafe, and is a separate venture for Simon as he embarks on an entrepreneurial journey to transform the automotive market.

“Sometimes you just need to meet people to know if the fit is right. I’m someone who trusts their instincts and The Dairy really is the perfect fit. This product needs full-service support to launch it and make it a long-term success story, and The Dairy is a friendly team with a proven track record of exciting creativity and strategic know-how to make any product or service a success.”

Our third win has seen us establish a long-term partnership with independent confectionery brand Treat Kitchen – which recently launched its new flagship store in Nottingham’s Victoria Centre. We’ve been brought on board to promote its product offering through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Katie Gilbert, Head of Product Development at Treat Kitchen, is looking forward to partnering with us on a long-term basis and sees a bright future for the brand which continues to go from strength to strength.

“We’ve seen steady growth over recent years, and new partnerships with big retailers such as Sainsbury’s have really accelerated our expansion. We felt the time was now right for us to maximise digital marketing, in particular PPC, and The Dairy has the expertise we needed,”

She continues, “We see real similarities between Treat Kitchen and The Dairy in terms of their culture and approach. It was a match made in heaven for us and we’re excited for what the future holds!”

The fourth client acquisition has seen us commissioned to create the Christmas campaign for the city of Oxford in partnership with Oxford City Council. The campaign is centred around the story of Alice in Wonderland – encouraging people to visit, eat, drink and stay during the festive period – and Oxford City Council’s Tom Jennings is delighted with the end result.

“The Dairy was recommended to us for its creativity and imaginative ideas, and the team has certainly delivered. The campaign uses a Japanese illustration style to reimagine the story of Alice through the looking glass at Christmas, in Oxford. It’s certainly one of our most memorable festive campaigns and we are excited to see the reaction to it!”

Our final wins come in the form of Yorkshire-based brands Oakworth Homes and Midland Renewables. Both sit under the Oakworth Group, with Oakworth Homes specialising in timber frame engineering and Midland Renewables designing, supplying, installing and commissioning ground and air source heat pumps, mechanical ventilation, heat recovery and underfloor heating systems.

Managing Director of the Oakworth Group, John Capper, recognises the need for support across both brands and the difference a marketing partner can make in the long-term.

“We really want to invest time in both brands, starting with their foundations, before building them up and achieving consistency across all platforms – especially in the digital space. There are tremendous opportunities for both brands in their respective markets and The Dairy has come on board to help us realise those.”

For our Managing Director Nigel Rowlson, these new partnerships only reinforce the success of our long-term strategy and our team’s ability to remain true to its principles.

“We’ve always said that we only want to work with good brands and good people, who really value the benefits of honest marketing and communications. Despite the challenges of the past eighteen months or so, we’ve remained true to that strategy and it’s delivering its rewards,”

“All six are great examples of the types of brands we want to work with. These businesses are in it for the long-term and trust us to advise and recommend the right creative approach for them, and their products or services. By remaining true to our values, building the right team and marketing ourselves in the right way, we continue to grow and set ourselves up for a very exciting few years ahead.” adds Nigel.

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