‘Dairy Dares’ face their fears to raise money for mental health charity, Mind

We are preparing to face our fears ahead of the festive period as we aim to raise both money and awareness for national mental health charity, Mind.

We are excited to launch our ‘Dairy Dares’ campaign, with each employee pledging to face a challenge that will test their mental strength and put them outside of their comfort zone.

The campaign was born out of a desire by the team to raise money for a chosen charity this Christmas. One in four people every year experience issues relating to their mental health according to Mind so this was a charitable cause that struck a chord with our team – as our MD, Nigel Rowlson, goes on to explain.

“We like to be good people both inside and outside of work and historically our wide-reaching CSR programme has covered projects with organisations including Notts County Football in the Community and Footprints CEC,”

“There has been a real drive to educate people and raise awareness around mental health in recent years and it’s something that our team collectively feels an affinity towards. We therefore decided to collate a list of things that made each person feel uncomfortable or anxious and lay down a personalised challenge – and that includes me too!”

Each challenge will be announced to the public in November before being recorded and shared on our and social media channels across seven consecutive days – starting on Monday 2nd December.

“Our challenges will not be extreme sports or anything on that scale – these are the things that make us uncomfortable and test the mind. We can’t replicate what it’s really like to battle with our mental health but we’re hoping that the challenges will increase our understanding and provide a taster for us and the viewers by putting us out of our comfort zones for a short period of time,”

“No one knows what their challenges are yet – they will be revealed to each of us just before we do them. It’s safe to say there’s a few nervous faces around the office at the moment!” says Nigel.

All funds raised will be donated to mental health charity Mind – which works nationally to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding of the topic of mental health. For Nigel and our team, the timing of the campaign was just as important as the dares themselves because despite Christmas being a time of giving, it can also be very difficult for many.

“Mind does exceptional work across the country 365 days a year supporting those battling with themselves and their anxieties. The festive period is meant to be a happy time that brings people together but in many cases, people feel more alone and isolated at Christmas than any other time of the year – despite having close family and friends around them,” adds Nigel.

“We’re hoping our Dairy Dares awareness campaign will help to break the stigmas that still exist towards the subject of mental health and get more people talking about it or in some cases, encourage people to ask for help when they need it,” 

“No amount is too small and donations can be made via our website. Every penny will make a big difference to the work at Mind and provide us with that extra mental strength needed when we’re facing our challenges.”

To make a donation please visit: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dairydares

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