Coronavirus update

As many businesses have done in recent days, we felt it necessary to update our clients, suppliers and friends in true Dairy open and honest fashion, in relation to our stance on how we plan to ride the Coronavirus outbreak.

Our approach is very much in line with the latest government guidance. We are monitoring the situation carefully and will follow the latest advice from medical professionals and the powers that be.

Internally, we have brought in measures to ensure that all public spaces are thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis, with desks and workstations also cleaned twice per day.

We are fortunate enough to be in a position where all of our work is in the cloud, so should we be required to work from home at any stage, our team is well equipped to keep the wheels turning in the absence of a physical office.

Should a member of the team contract the virus, then appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that the spread is limited. The required period of self-isolating will start, cutting off physical contact with the rest of the team, their clients and suppliers until the symptoms clear. 

In the absence of an account manager for a particular client, the rest of the team will pick up the work in their absence.

We are happy to conduct video and voice calls in place of physical meetings should a client wish to do so and we will advise if we feel this is needed from our side should a member of the team contract the virus.

If anyone has any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team but for now, it is business as usual for The Dairy.

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