Coronavirus – adapt and overcome?

August 4, 2020 | By Dairy Intern
Coronavirus – adapt and overcome?

Coronavirus has affected everyone, but it has been of severe concern for businesses globally – slowly causing the worldwide economy to slow and enter one of the greatest recessions seen to-date. How are companies overcoming this? Our intern Charlotte has delved into what some popular fashion brands have done to adapt in the COVID crisis.

During lockdown, restaurants, bars and theme parks have been closed, implying that disposable income is more likely to be spent on material goods such as clothes and the huge hype amid lockdown fitness. Many individuals dedicated the lockdown period to getting fit and healthy, creating home gyms and using their daily outing as a reason to enjoy a long walk, run or bike ride. This activity has led to an increase in demand for fitness clothing and equipment. Adidas and OhPolly are just two brands who have adapted and overcome the new-norm that is coronavirus. 


Adidas is a well established company but since its recent decline in sales, its approach to coronavirus has certainly kept the name out there despite more than 70% of its global stores closing. 

It has adapted to the current situation, recognising the permanent use of face masks, so why not make it fashion? From this, they have produced affordable masks in two colours – black and blue – branded with their logo, to help keep the general public protected. Not only does this promote its name as an affordable fashion/sports brand, it also positively builds reputation – implying to consumers that Adidas cares for its consumers and as a company is doing something to help within the crisis. 


OhPolly is known for being a brand that sells high quality ‘going out-out’ dresses and clothing, so when lockdown hit it was apparent that it needed to go down a new route to keep the business going. 

Keeping up-to-date with trends, the Bo+Tee sister brand within the company was launched; attractive, colourful and quality gym wear to help women feel their best selves whilst staying active. After selling out multiple times, it was clear to both OhPolly and customers that it was a desirable brand to have but to keep up appearances, a new marketing idea had to be created. 

Recently, they have promoted the idea of ‘new outfits for staying ‘in-in’. From this, they’ve jumped upon the popular idea that many people have had during lockdown, ‘nights out within your own home’ and getting dressed up for a home party. This was a great idea, linking in with a recent party idea for the ‘COVID Class of 2020’ wheremany graduates who have been deprived of their graduations have instead celebrated ‘at home graduations’ – getting dressed up as if it was the real thing. The phenomenon of this in addition to ‘at home birthday parties’ has led to a rise in OhPolly sales.

The ‘outfits for staying in-in’ slogan also relates to the chill and comfy attire they provide with much of this also being gym wear. The ‘being comfortable when working from home’ or ‘relaxing whilst being on furlough’ markets were the target – and it did not disappoint. 

OhPolly has done an extremely good job in marketing and promoting its new lines, no matter what the situation may be. Its clothes have been perfectly marketed to suit the current situation and more importantly, making its customers feel good whilst stuck in lockdown. 

Many more brands have had to adapt and overcome throughout COVID19,and if their approach has been anything  like OhPolly or Adidas, then you can be sure that they’ve got it right! 

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