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Christmas ads that jingled our bells in 2023

December 20, 2023 | By The Dairy
Christmas ads that jingled our bells in 2023

As the big day quickly approaches, we were curious to see which Christmas ad campaigns have successfully captured their audiences’ imaginations this year from our team’s viewpoint.

Every November and December, consumers are filled with excitement as they anticipate how their favourite brands will seek to wow us with their campaigns. But which ones have truly hit the mark in 2023? Let’s hear what we had to say.


A Baabour Christmas, Barbour

At just 90-seconds, one of my favourite Christmas ads this year is a short, sweet and iconic collaboration. The festive film features Shaun, Bitzer, and the Flock attempting to repair the Farmer’s Barbour wax jacket, resulting in a charming yet chaotic montage. Despite their efforts, the jacket looks more worn.

Thanks to Christmas magic, Bitzer restores it, showcasing Barbour’s 100-year-old Re-Waxing and Repairs service with the message ‘For gifts they’ll always remember.’ This ad skillfully promotes a service without being overly sales-y, emphasising the importance of preserving belongings.

As a fan of Aardman animations, the nostalgic, charming and heartfelt feel makes it my ideal Christmas ad – something I found to be missing in others this year. I’m eager to see if Barbour’s collaboration with Aardman extends to future campaigns in the new year.


Joy Ride, Amazon

Friendship, nostalgia and having fun, regardless of age, are the three things that came to mind when I saw Amazon’s Christmas advert this year.

The 60-second clip features a trio of friends who, thanks to the help of the Amazon app and a strategically-placed cushion, are able to relive their youth by tackling the slopes with their comfortable new sledges. Set against a stripped-back rendition of The Beatles’ ‘In My Life’, the advert celebrates togetherness in the most endearing and light-hearted way, offering us a delicate relief from the usual heart-wrenching adverts of Christmas’ past.


Fuzzy Feelings, Apple

At just four minutes long, Apple’s holiday film, set to George Harrison’s “Isn’t It a Pity,” is a heartwarming delight. The advert follows an unappreciated office worker who crafts stop-motion animations of her dismissive boss in increasingly amusing situations. As the tale unfolds to the poignant soundtrack, the protagonist undergoes a transformative journey, making a heartwarming connection with her boss during the holiday season.

The short showcases Mantzaris’ fuzzy felt stop-motion animations and Aniello’s beautifully shot live-action scenes, creating a captivating viewing experience. Apple’s commitment to the “Shot on iPhone” series is evident, highlighting the impressive capabilities of the latest iPhone generation. While some additional professional gear was used, the director notes the surprising quality of shooting in 48 megapixels and capturing RAW files on a phone. The tagline “You make the holidays” carries multiple meanings, making this piece stand out in a sea of high-end Christmas ads because it was shot on a device most of us carry in our pockets.


Make This Christmas Incredibuble, Asda

Asda has brought a little bit of the Bublé to our screens this Christmas – employing one of the festive season’s all-time favourite crooners to be the face of its 2023 ad campaign.

The strapline “Make this Christmas Incredibublé” is front and centre, with Mr Bublé employed as Asda’s Quality Controller for all things Christmas. While the novelty value of having Bublé involved will certainly pique audience interest and play on the nostalgia many of us crave at this time of year, the message at the heart of the campaign is that Asda is dedicated to delivering quality produce for its customers at a reasonable price – something shoppers will be acutely aware of this year, more than most.

For me, the nostalgic value of seeing a face and hearing a voice we all associate with Christmas is the real winner here for Asda. Many people gravitate towards what they already know and love, so it will definitely enhance brand loyalty. For one of Britain’s biggest supermarket chains, it’s time to crack open the bubbly and toast a campaign well done.


Thank You Santa, Boots

Boots’ Christmas advert follows the heart warming story of a young girl’s quest to the North Pole, where she hopes to present Santa with a gift. “Mum, who gives presents to Santa?” the young girl asks during a Christmas shopping trip. The girl travels with her mother, gifting kind strangers who help them along their way, with special items from the Boots range. When they eventually reach their destination, the gift revealed to the big man is a pair of travel socks – perfect for those high altitude sleigh rides.

The ad blends all the elements of a classic festive feel; warmth and generosity with humour and simple storytelling. There are some touching moments, particularly between the mother and daughter, and also some light hearted, tongue-in-cheek product placements. It’s worth noting too that the presents are all priced under £10; a compassionate touch during a cost of living crisis.


People Help People, Charlie’s Bar

A heartwarming ad from Charlie’s Bar, the oldest family run bar in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, which  has achieved  over one million views on Instagram and follows an elderly man who is spending Christmas alone.

Filmed on an iPhone by staff members, the commercial begins with a man laying a bunch of flowers down on his wifes grave. He then walks into his local town but gets ignored by those who pass him. The man then heads into Charlie’s Bar, passing a couple with a dog on his way in. As he takes his seat, the friendly dog comes to sit with him. The couple soon join him and they share a drink together, laughing and talking. The ad ends with a quote from the Irish poet, W. B. Yeats: ‘There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met.’ This advert touches on the harsh realities of those who may be spending this festive period alone, and how small moments can change someone’s day.

So there we have our roundup of our favourite 2023 Christmas adverts. We’d like to take this moment to wish you a very merry Christmas from The Dairy. If 2024 is the year for your brand to be centre stage, then get in touch with our team for support.

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