August 9th was D-day at The Dairy. The Moment of Truth. Showdown.

Last month our satisfaction survey was emailed to 17 clients, seeking to find out the truth on what our customers REALLY think about all aspects of the business; from people and service to creativity, communication and value for money. Today we are celebrating our best ever survey results, feeling incredibly proud that our hard works seems to really pay off!

100% of all respondents rated the overall quality of service received from us as a whooping 100%! We must admit we feel a little humbled. Fantastic.

As a team, we believe that a qualitative service can only be delivered by a happy bunch of people so it didn’t come as a surprise that another 100% thought that the general attitude and demeanor of our team is ‘very positive’! A big loud hooray! Must be all the biscuits we get fed (well, at least the secret biscuit stash Nigel doesn’t know about)…

Overall, we were complimented on our creative approaches to briefs, responsiveness and hard-working attitude to accommodate often very challenging deadlines. Other comments related to the long lasting relationships we have with our clients and the variety of work we handle, for example “I have always been more than happy with the work that Nigel and his team have carried out. Our working relationship spans over 10 years and has involved the design, development and production of printed media and web based campaigns as well as public-facing events. I have always felt that the Dairy’s approach has been thoroughly professional whilst also being fresh, young and energetic. In my experience not all agencies can combine this successfully.”

A special mention goes out to the client that feels slightly let down as they “ don’t always get chocolate biscuits with [their] tea – this is a heinous crime.” We totally agree. We will of course make up for this faux-pas as soon as we can and deliver (from the secret Nigel-free stash) the extra special biscuits moving forward.

A marvellous 99% of our survey friends would recommend working with The Dairy – so please get in touch today, tell us which flavour of biscuit floats your boat and find out how The Dairy can help you achieve your marketing goals.


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