A company update from Nigel

I sincerely hope that all clients, suppliers, partners and friends of The Dairy remain safe and well.

None of us have been through anything like we’ve experienced this year. Like many others, we think that by pulling together, respecting each other, following the guidelines and working hard, we will come out of this at some point next year still intact.

We originally went into lockdown and working from home back in March and that worked very well. We were well prepared for this because all of our work and systems are in the cloud and we have always invested in the best kit for our people – so work just carried on.

It was great to get back together in the agency in early July, start to discuss projects face-to-face and bounce creative ideas around. But sadly, in the last couple of weeks, we have had to pack up our Macs and work from home once more. Even worse – Nottinghamshire is going into Tier 3 from Friday, which will sadly restrict us once more.

It’s not ideal, but we will make the best of it and hope that we are playing our part in the effort to stop COVID spreading.

I wanted to reassure everyone that the whole team is working well and we are in fact very busy!

Our landline phone is on a divert to the team so that we don’t miss any calls – although email is usually best if you want to get hold of us and we’ll always endeavour to come back to you as soon as we can.

We’re also seeing a steady stream of inbound new business enquiries, which reassures us that the cogs of commerce are very much still turning!

So the main message coming from The Dairy is that we’re here, happy and healthy – ready to keep looking after our clients’ needs and take on new projects. Feel free to get in touch should you need anything at any time.

Very best wishes to you and yours.

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