Five top tips for getting started in Marketing from our intern Jo

Hi, I’m Jo and I have had the pleasure of interning at The Dairy recently. I got a taste for Marketing whilst working towards a part-time CIM qualification and wanted to experience agency life.

As a bit of background on me, I live in Nottingham and work at a local university. I spend a lot of time at work organising promotional events on campus, forging relationships with new businesses and nurturing existing clients. Outside of work, you will probably find me eating (whilst thinking about going to the gym.) I also love to travel and research new destinations; next on my list is vietnam!

Weighing up career options in Marketing myself, here are some tips I’ve picked up to get a foot in the door.

Five top tips for getting started in Marketing:

Get yourself some work experience. I cannot emphasise enough how important this is! I’m extremely grateful for the time I’ve been able to spend here at The Dairy. I’m taking lots of new insights away with me in such a short space of time and thanks to the amazing team I now understand the workflow of a full service creative agency working in marketing, design and digital. I’d therefore highly recommend work experience in a local agency – it can give you a real indication of job roles and what you may or may not enjoy doing.

Network – talk to people! Talking to people who work in the industry is a fantastic way to find out what it is you would like to know. I’ve personally found it useful to ask lots of questions (and is how I ended up spending some time at The Dairy.) If you’re unsure of where to start, take a look into local networking events or even events across the UK. Meeting people who work in the field can create opportunities to gain experience.

Learn at home. Take advantage of what you have access to in your own time. There are heaps of resources available online and ‘how to’ videos on Youtube to get one step ahead. Google Garage has free online courses which you can access simply through your Google account. You can reward yourself with accreditations on full completion which show great initiative on your CV.

Start freelancing. Agencies such as the Dairy will have freelance or part-time vacancies from time-to-time to support in-house expertise or periods of growth. One day a week in the office is great exposure to agency life and fits in perfectly with a student’s schedule. For working professionals, it’s worth approaching local agencies who like to build up a small freelancing network, to complete outsourced work remotely. Either way, this is a great opportunity for you to work on projects and practice and develop your skills.  

Keep your online profile fresh. As Tom mentions in The Dairy’s previous blog post, ‘if you need to network for your career, then this is the place for you.’ Exactly the same applies to your personal brand and goals. You can use LinkedIn to make valuable connections to achieve all of the above! Tom has outlined some basics to have in place first and further recommendations to maintain your presence (which always looks good to potential employers).