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As the newest intern to be welcomed by the friendly team at The Dairy Creative Agency, I was asked to create a blog post regarding something that caused debate in the marketing world. I was drawn towards the controversial advert that received 3.1 million views on YouTube, after being banned due to political reasons. This was Iceland’s ‘Rang-tan’ advert, which in my opinion was one of the most successful of the 2018 Christmas Adverts.

The advert was banned because it was deemed to be in breach of rules banning political advertising laid down by the Communications Act of 2003. Although the advert originally made by GreenPeace was never aired on TV, it became one of the most famous adverts last year. Not only showcasing the impact that politics and debate has on a campaign, but also the effect of social media attention and coverage. In addition, it highlights the public’s want to get behind Iceland’s campaign to start the removal of palm oil from unnecessary products.

Palm oil has a detrimental impact on environment and often leads to deforestation and loss of habitat. Originally sourced in Africa, it is now a massive industry in Malaysia. After visiting Borneo myself two years ago, it became evident that the loss of habitat and the extreme deforestation is driving many species to the brink of extinction. The prime species discussed in the debate of farming palm oil is Orangutans (featured in the Iceland advert). Statistics estimate that the production of palm oil has lead to the death of 100,000 orangutans.

The Iceland advert intelligently uses the tragic loss of habitat to pull at the audiences heart strings when a baby Orangutan is left with no home. Therefore, not only is the advert classed at ‘politically controversial’, it also serves to make the public feel guilty and sad for the endangered species. This further enhances their support behind the advertisement and benefits it’s success in the world of social media. 

Although it’s questionable as to whether Iceland planned for the advert to be banned in the first place, it is certain that the television advertisement was successful. The brands score of talkability increased by 96.2%, making Iceland the second most talked about Supermarket. Not only was the commercial beneficial to Iceland’s business, it also raised audience awareness for the effects of palm oil on the environment and wildlife. The petition to release the advert received over 800,000 signatures.

In my opinion, Iceland were incredibly smart in releasing this advertisement. Global warming is becoming a huge problem for us all and I think that it is crucial for big businesses, such as Iceland, to be advocates for the changes that need to start happening. I fully support their efforts to be more environmentally friendly and urge other companies to follow suit.


Dairy News

We’re busy celebrating the success of our 20-year old Digital Marketing Apprentice Claudia Wright this week, after she recently passed her Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) exams as part of her 18-month apprenticeship.


Claudia joined The Dairy in September 2017 as our Account Junior, learning on the job whilst completing her CIM digital marketing qualifications. Alongside this, Claudia has been supporting our broad client-base, getting actively involved in all aspects of marketing communications – from marketing strategy and planning to PR, social media and copywriting.

Claudia recently received her results from the CIM – with her pass indicating a major milestone as she nears the end of her 18-month apprenticeship. The news comes during National Apprenticeship Week – an annual government-led initiative celebrating the variety of apprenticeships available across the UK in a variety of industries.

Our Managing Director, Nigel Rowlson, is delighted with Claudia’s progress and is proud to see her receive her CIM qualification as she continues to be a valuable asset to the agency.

“My background is very much from the traditional advertising agencies – with a focus on marketing strategy and design – so digital marketing is still relatively new to me but, is very much embedded within Claudia’s generation,”

He continues, “Claudia’s positive outlook, common sense and maturity does her proud. She joined us straight from sixth form during one of our busiest and most successful years to-date – requiring her to settle in and get up to speed with agency life incredibly quickly,”

“Her natural enthusiasm and willingness to learn shone through and she is now implementing a range of marketing tactics for clients as well as supporting our account managers on a daily basis. We look forward to seeing her continue to grow and develop over the coming months as she forges her path in the marketing industry.”

Claudia is delighted at passing her CIM exams, which form a significant percentage of her overall apprenticeship grade and she is excited to see what the future holds as she continues her development with us.

“Over the last year and a half, I’ve learnt a lot from not only my colleagues but also clients and external partners,” says Claudia.

“I am now nearing the end of my apprenticeship – which has been both rewarding and challenging! I was part of a minority that chose not to go to university upon finishing sixth form – but I know I’ve made the right decision and my apprenticeship was definitely the best option for me,”

She continues, “There’s an assumption that apprenticeships are for people that are less academic – but this is definitely not the case. Learning while you work is tough but the experience you gain from it is vital in preparing you for the working world. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities and support given to me by The Dairy and I look forward to what the future holds.”