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CSR, Marketing

The variety of factors that drive a customer towards a business are now larger than ever – and the ethical activities of the business are now included in the ever growing list. 
To avoid this, brands can make sure they take steps to contribute to society which will cast them in a good light to both customers and other businesses. It could be the deciding factor that makes a customer choose your brand over a competitor. CSR is one of the things your business can do to help it’s branding. 

What is CSR?

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and consists of a variety of factors – from donating to charity or hosting events to raise money, to recycling or reading with children in primary schools.

There are a huge number of things a business can do either in their local community or wider to show they are positively contributing to society.

The best CSR activity for your business

In order for your business to benefit from CSR, align the activities with your business and choose those that utilise the existing skills and knowledge of the business.

For example, if your business offers advice you could consider running a free clinic for an hour each week, or if you are a technology company you could donate old and unused computers to somewhere that would benefit from them, such as a youth centre. 

Here at The Dairy, we work closely with Nottingham Rugby Club and Notts County Football in the Community – because our team are passionate about sport and being able to give back to the community in these areas, as well as supporting our local area of Nottingham.

If you decide to undertake activities that are nothing to do with your business or your employees knowledge and passions, it may look like you are doing it for the sake of it and you’re not devoted to making a genuine difference.

How CSR helps your business

Not only does CSR build your reputation, provide good PR stories and look good to customers and other businesses, it can also expand your network in the community in which you are working and gives you exposure to potential customers, clients or partners. It will help to start a word of mouth discussion about your business as well, which is great when they’re talking about all the good you’re doing as a business!

CSR activities that involve the whole workforce can also have added benefits of raising morale and staff happiness as they are team building and contributing to good charitable activities.

Getting your CSR profile out there

Raising your CSR profile is easily done by placing a CSR segment on your website as well as writing about your activities and sharing it with your customers and other interested parties on social media.

For advice on how to go about sharing your CSR on your website and social media, get in touch with our team!